Travelling Boys

by Kelly on February 22, 2017

in Family,Jonah,Owen

For midwinter break, Jonah and Owen went to see Uncle Paul. By themselves. This was big for me, but they had a ton of fun and he spoiled them rotten! They played lots of video games, he took them indoor skydiving and to see bull riding (they could have ridden, but decided not to). They visited his new house and played lots of vide games. A good time was had by all.


Harry the Cat

by Kelly on February 20, 2017

in Life

The day that Kate came home from the Hendrix Academy and told me that Tina’s cat had had kittens was the day I knew we would be adding to our family.

Meet Harry.


Kate Reading Martha in the Middle

February 15, 2017 Kate

Kate has been reading a lot of books out loud lately– to us, to her stuffies, to je ne sais pas qui. Last night she decided to read me Martha in the Middle, by Jan Fiernley. She announced before starting that she was going to do all the voices– I wish I had recorded that too!

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The Oakland Antiquarian Bookfair

February 12, 2017 Family

As we have sometimes done in the past, Kate and I decided to fly down to Oakland for the weekend to meet Grandpa and Aunt Carol for the bookfair. Uncle David and Uncle Steve and Aunt Elaine were also going to be there, and Stephanie drove in for the day as well. It was fun […]

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Let it Snow!

February 6, 2017 Life

After what seemed like a really mild winter, we had two unexpected snowstorms in February. The kids were delighted at the chance to have a snow day and play outside, although given their lack of proper snow gear, they were quickly soaked.

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Decorating Updates

January 31, 2017 Life

We’ve slowly but surely been adding to the decoration in the house, including- at long last- putting up pictures in our bedroom. There are some areas where I definitely suffer from decision paralysis, and figuring out how I want to decorate the bedroom is one such area. (Others include buying new shoes, shopping for couches […]

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