Frequent Flyer

by Kelly on October 26, 2014

in Kelly

I just hit the jackpot of air travel (for us non-platinum elite flyers that is): a connecting flight leaving from the same gate I arrived at, and a bar just across the way.

I’m on my way to the Brands Only conference put on for the second year by SocialMedia.Org. I went last year too and got so much out if it; I’m really happy to be able to go back.


It’s in the Genes

October 23, 2014 Jonah

We went to the Seattle Bookfair last weekend, and Jonah wandered off on his own. This is how I found him an hour later.

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A Family of Readers

October 20, 2014 Jonah

There’s no better way to spend a Friday night– in my opinion at least– then on the couch with a good book. Luckily, my opinion is shared by my kids.

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Who Doesn’t Love a List? The House, Then.

October 19, 2014 Life

Our real estate agent was fond of telling us that the only thing you can’t change about a house is the location– everything else is up for grabs. And while we love the location of our house and many of its features, there are a bunch of things that we want to (or have to) […]

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October 17, 2014 Kate

It’s hard to believe, but Kate is seven years old. Seems like just yesterday our family became five members strong– after all, even the blog’s name is thanks to her presence in our lives. Happy birthday, Katy! We love you.  

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