by Kelly on January 24, 2015

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Jonah turned twelve yesterday, which is just too unbelievable for me to believe. How can my tiny baby be twelve? I’m not quite sure either.


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The night before his birthday we were making plans on where to go for dinner. All the usual places we go to were nixed, and it turned out he wanted dinner at home so we could watch a movie and open presents early. So we had Kidd Valley and chocolate cake and watched Batman Returns. Apparently Eddy remembered what a stinker of a movie it is but didn’t share that opinion, so we sat through 2 hours of eye rolling and overacting with a break in the middle for cake. Grandma and my friend Emily came over and fun was had by all. And he’s 12!


Little (er) Resolutions

January 12, 2015 Kelly

I’m being somewhat good at keeping my three BIG resolutions: my toes are still polished, I haven’t bought anything I shouldn’t be buying, and as of January 12th, I’ve walked every day but one. Oops. In being more intentional about my resolutions, I have also decided to tackle some smaller goals. Things that doing for a […]

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Thinking About The Future

January 5, 2015 Kate

Grandma gave Kate a blank book, so Kate decided to write a story. This is as far as she’s gotten, however– I guess she’s going to have really long hair in the future?

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That is True

January 4, 2015 Kate

Kate has the very endearing habit of saying “that is true,” when you answer one of her questions with a response that seems logical to her. Like, “yes, you have just confirmed what I knew to be correct all along. Well done you for being so clever!”

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Polar Bear Plunge

January 2, 2015 Eddy

For the second year in a row we went to Matthew’s Beach for the Polar Bear Plunge. This year Eddy was the only Rigotti who went in!    

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