Everybody’s a Critic

by Kelly on August 24, 2014

in Life

The kids have started taking a more active role in meal prep of late. They are interested in what we are eating and where it comes from, the nutrients in the meal and how the ingredients are made or sourced. They have also started cooking. Owen makes a mean quesadilla, Jonah is good at chili mac and cheese and Kate loves beans on toast.

We have also been talking about what makes a meal good, and what would make it better. To that end, we’ve been scoring each dish, on a scale of 1 to 10, but talking about what we would do to bring any score (usually 7 or higher) up to a perfect 10. I want the kids to learn how to be instinctive cooks, and I think that a lot of what goes into building that skill is the knowledge of what tastes good together (or doesn’t) and the courage to try new things, plus a hearty dose of cooking skills.

A couple of suggestions thus far:

  • more zuchinni
  • fewer cooked tortilla chips
  • butter on the toast
  • more cheese

It’s a good start!


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