13 Years!

by Kelly on November 24, 2014

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13 years

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been married for thirteen years. This picture was actually taken fourteen years ago, at Françoise’s birthday party. I remember spending most of the party hiding in the kitchen; she had invited a big crowd to celebrate her 50th birthday and everyone wanted to talk to Eddy’s new American girlfriend. We did nothing to celebrate, but somehow tonight felt just right!


Maximus Catticus

November 19, 2014 Kelly

For my birthday, I decided to get myself a kitten. As kittens go, he’s pretty cute. He has also settled in really well, making friends with everyone. Even Penelope!

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Birthday Girl

November 18, 2014 Kelly

My coworkers celebrated my birthday in grand style. I came in a little bit late to find my office had been decorated. Apparently I stayed at work so late that my boss had to come in after dinner to do it!

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Musical Talent

November 14, 2014 Jonah

Jonah had his first concert at school in the beginning of November. They were SO good– I really don’t remember my Jr High school band being that good. There were two band levels, and two choir levels, and the kids rocked it. Jonah did great. He was very serious, especially during his solo, but his […]

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Printing with Grandma

November 7, 2014 Family

Kate asked Grandma for a printing date for her birthday, so last Sunday they spent the day together. Here’s Grandma’s recap. Next in line at The Windowpane Press Last Sunday, Kate and I arranged a day in the studio working on a book together. We talked about it in advance, used one of her books as […]

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